Toronto Vs. The Top Rental Real Estate Markets In The World

Saturday Jun 30th, 2018


The Toronto real estate market is in flux.

Depending on the article you read, predictions vary between unbridled optimism claiming the market is about to take off (again) and worrisome naysayers expecting an implosion.

Is the Toronto real estate market truly heading for a correction or are the headlines of the Toronto rental market being unaffordable cries for attention?

From a global perspective, 2017 was an incredible year for the financial world, including real estate.

Global growth, skyrocketing corporate earnings, and record-breaking mergers were just some of the financial headlines of 2017.

Remember Bitcoin? The cryptocurrency was up over 1,400 per cent in 2017 and real estate markets echoed this sonic boom of financial growth.

This year has been different. There are growing concerns that investors should be cautious. From a political standpoint, few people imagined the issues with the current American government.

The recent Ontario provincial election was an overwhelming victory for Doug Ford and recreational marijuana will be legal in Canada as of October.

Throughout these changes, one constant has been the steady increase in the price of rental real estate in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

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